Why we love Natural Stone Tile

There are various benefits you will get when you use natural stone tiles for your floors and walls. Many people have been using natural stone to construct and do interior design for decorating the most exquisite and luxurious residences and buildings. The reasons for the popularity of these stones go beyond the aesthetic qualities of the natural stones. This stone is also hygienic, un-reactive, bacteria resistant and waterproof. 

The most significant benefit of using these stones is the duration of use and longevity of their life. Using them in the home with a lot of care will ensure that they last longer. This stone is available in different forms like limestone, granite, sandstone slate, travertine, and quartzite. Their difference is seen in their aging with use and time. Many people think that the tiles from natural stone improve with use and age because they develop unique qualities and characters. This fact is true because of the availability of different types of stone, and you will not find any two identical tiles in the market.

One vital consideration when choosing natural stone tiles is the suitability to the application you want. Some tiles work well for indoor use and may not function well in a swimming pool or wet room application. Natural stones have extreme versatility for use in the living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, wet rooms, swimming pools, and conservatories.

The other advantage of using these tiles on the wall is that they lend themselves to provide more flexibility with regards to pattern and design. Since these tiles come in different colors and sizes, from small mosaic tiles to large modular tiles, using them in your spaces will create personalized and impressive features and finishes. You can use various contrasting colored tiles to create striking effects on the wall and floor and come up with particular shapes. In whichever ways you decide to use the natural stone tiles, you will be confident that you will get a versatile and flexible solution.

Before buying the natural stone tiles, you need to mind important differences to using tiles from other materials. Due to the high quality of the natural material, this stone is quite expensive as compared to other materials. They are also difficult to fit and maintain. When fixing and installing these tiles, these stones can be quite hard to cut. You will have to use the electric wet tile cutter from the outside to avoid debris and water spray.