Once upon a tile

Tiles are one of the most common choices when it comes to flooring. They can last for a long time, don’t require much of maintenance, they come in a variety (and do we mean a variety) of options and are a healthy type of floor. We can talk ceramic, porcelain, marble, wood, granite, stone tiles… You name the material and they probably exist.

They really give you a chance to play with them and create true masterpieces of home interior design. It almost makes you want to tile your entire home! But would that really work?

Torch holders of tiles

Tiles almost come as a natural choice of flooring (and walling) for bathrooms and kitchens. Bathrooms are rooms with a lot of humidity and water splashes. Although you could turn to carpets and woods, tiles will make you stress less about it. Water won’t damage them and they are easy to clean. The best part? Experimenting with different designs and sizes can transform your bathroom to one of those Pinterest worthy plumbing stars.

Same is with kitchens. A kitchen is a place of water, spillage, steam and… Well, if you are like me, simply said – mess. Tiles will be there to help you quickly restore your kitchen’s shine. A little bit of stone tiles crisscrossed with wood ones? Or just plain ceramic with a striking motif? Whatever you choose, your kitchen will truly be a heart of a home with a unique tile approach.

But what if I want more?

The idea of tiles anywhere else may seem…just too much. Yeah, okay, maybe basements and patios. We could imagine that. But what about the rest of the house?

Get the image of plain white ones out of your mind and dive into the ocean of possibilities. Your living room would look really good with the wood resembling tiles or stone ones. True, it may lose a bit of warmth that a carpet could give, but then again… There are always rugs. Same goes with studies and dining rooms.

You don’t necessarily have to use them as flooring. How about an eye spotting tile fireplace to give your room that special something? Also, walls. You can completely change a room’s feel with just a stripe of right type of tiles on the walls. Granite, stone, quartzite tiles could easily add some extra glam to the room.

The thing with tiles is that, with all these different types available, they can mimic a lot of different materials. Some of which may just be too much for your budget. But what’s really great about them is that you can actually create unique floor and wall patterns.

Play with it

All that is left is to browse the web and let your imagination run free. Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions and to discuss all the ideas. Let your home be the perfect representation of your personality.