Mosaic Tiles for Durable and Stylish Home Designs

Home updates and renovations require hard decisions as to which materials to use. For instance, flooring presents you options like hardwood, laminate, carpets or tiles. You need to make choices based on the room you are updating and the design theme.

Mosaic tiles are versatile and very durable pieces of flooring that are usually used in high traffic areas in the house. You can think bathrooms and living rooms. One reason is because they are very sturdy and does not get damaged easily. Another reason is the fact that they come in various designs that are no less than art itself.

For choices, you will find vitreous mosaic tiles, ceramic and stained-glass. There are also wooden counterparts, if you are looking for a warm country feel for your home.

  • Vitreous tiles are similar to plain sheets of see-through or transparent glass. They are usually tinted and are easy to cut.
  • Ceramic ones are thicker and used for architectural purposes due to their materials and finish.
  • Stained-glass are very expensive kinds that are usually made-to-order. The upside is, you can ask for personalized designs that are great for ambitious renovation projects.

This type of tiles usually come in 2-inch squares and are sold with large mesh-supported sheets. You have an option between paper mesh and fiberglass mesh. In order to apply these, you need to cut through the tiles in order to get the group of tiles you need. You can use a specialized cutter or a tile nipper in order to cut the piece to your liking. If you ever need to make adjustments to already-laid tiles, you can loosen the tile using warm water.

If you are looking to transform your space into an impressive entertainment spot for your friends and family, have your flooring done with artful mosaic floor tiles. They are very easy to apply and rearrange based on your specific design needs.