It’s a Showering Matter

In the whole of the bathroom, the shower (or a tub) is the one place that will be exposed to water the most. This makes a practical approach to designing a shower your top priority. No worries, practical doesn’t have to mean boring. Far from that. However, there are certain guidelines that you are best to follow.

It’s like a mini pool

Basically, showers should be built like they’re supposed to be submerged. This means that when choosing materials to work with, you ought to choose ones that are strongly water resilient. Tiles come as a natural choice, although there are some other options. However, we will concentrate on tiles for the time being.

What is usually advised is to choose smaller tiles. Especially if you have one of those curved showers. Smaller tiles will give you better coverage in the curved area. This goes double for mosaic tiles. Smaller tiles go on ceiling too. Yeah, don’t forget about the ceiling as well.

Cleaning is another thing that comes to mind. If you really hate cleaning your shower all that much, then turn to something bigger. It’s easier to clean. Smaller ones can collect more grout, so you can see where the problem is. As for the materials, glazed tiles are easiest to clean.

Question of style

Make sure that you choose the tiles by its purpose. Wall tiles go on walls only, whereas the floor tiles can also go on walls. That’s the general rule, everything else is up to you. You can match the two or use a whole set of different tiles for your shower wall. That’s an excellent idea to add a certain something to your shower. Glass tiles can look very elegant. But have in mind that they may be a little demanding in the field of maintenance.

Small colored glass and mosaic tiles will allow you to play and create if you want to. If not, they will sure add a pop of color in your bathroom. This is an excellent idea if you have a smaller bathroom that you want to turn into something special.

Shower without tile

Thinking before buying

There is a sea of options really. Once you know the important bits and pieces of advice, you’ll easily think of some super unique design that will appeal to you. Knowing these few tricks will make your job of (re)designing a whole lot easier. As usual, Internet if full of creative ideas, so go and browse through them. Good luck!